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What about EMS on Liberty east-end
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor,


It would seem that the county commission should have some responsibility to the citizens of the east end of the county to provide fire and ambulance service as they do to other parts of the county.  Most of the commissioners and the county administrator seem to be unaware of this responsibility or do not care since they do not live in the area.  Although I do understand the importance of fire protection, I am most concerned with the response of an ambulance in case of a medical emergency.  The ambulance on Bacontown Road is 17 miles from my Colonels Island home while the Lake George fire station is 20 miles away. The Sunbury ambulance was allegedly taken from Sunbury to haul patients to Savannah for routine appointments instead of being available for emergency response. It should not require deaths to justify an ambulance’s presence. 

Also, I don’t understand why the proposed fire fee depends on the size of your house. Whenever there is an emergency of any kind everybody in the county with a radio shows up sooner or later. If everyone shows up for everything why is the fee different?

If the fire fee goes through, citizens better get ready for a law enforcement fee then who knows what fee would be next. A fee to breath Liberty County air? 


Larry Whitman

East Liberty County

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