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Who does speaker represent?
Letter to editor
Ralston spending graphic

Editor, Georgia House Speaker David Ralston’s last update to Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission shows that he was just shy of $1 million in campaign donations. No doubt he went over $1 million in April 2014.
Ralston is the elected state representative from Georgia’s state house District 7, which covers Fannin, Gilmer and parts of Dawson counties. I wanted to see where these generous people giving all the donations to his campaign lived. The chart below breaks it down for the reporting years 2013 and 2014, the most pertinent for the primary in 2014.
Ninety-six percent of Ralston’s donations come from outside District 7. Only 3.89 percent of his donations come from the citizens of District 7. Upon a closer look, 27.98 percent of the out-of-district donations come from out of state as far as New Jersey and Illinois. Forty-three percent of his out-of-district donations come from the Atlanta metro area, and 24.83 percent come from other parts of Georgia.
I guess that is why Ralston told the House that what is good for Atlanta is good for all of Georgia. If you copy this link into your web browser,, listen to Ralston in his own words at the 3:40 mark.
It also must mean that representing your own district is not important. At the 4:19 mark, Ralston even says that Blue Ridge (the Fannin County seat) is unimportant.
Just who does the million-dollar man represent?

— Bill Evelyn, Georgia Tea Party LLC director

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