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All-Stars prep for next tournament
Back row, from left: David Leonty, Aaron Kuhl, Andre Burnett, Jerel Smith, Keagan John, Russell Dandy and Jaleel Gilbert. Front row, from left: David Jefferson, Khari Collins, Montaye Frasier, Desmond Brown and Marcus Scott V. - photo by Photo provided.

The Scott’s All-Stars basketball team played in a tournament March 5-7 at South Cobb High School in Austell.

The team is coached by head coach Darrell West, assistant coach/president Marcus Scott IV, assistant coach Khari Collins and assistant coach Kevin Corwick.

According to the coaching staff, the boys, mostly in elementary school, were competitive against the Atlanta Sixers and Atlanta Knicks, but lost their games.

West said he plans to work with his players and develop their talent from now until they graduate from high school.

"Hopefully, we’ll help them earn athletic and/or academic scholarships," Scott said. "After much debate, I decided to start an AAU basketball team, but I knew my schedule would not allow me to be the head coach of a stringent AAU basketball program. Also, since I have an education background, I felt that I could be more useful by adding an educational component to the program, such as mentoring, tutoring and teaching academic awareness. As I will focus more on the education part and Daryl West will focus on the athletics."

The All-Stars will travel to Jacksonville on April 9-11 for their next tournament.

Scott’s All-Stars roster

No. 23 Marcus Scott

No. 13 Jaleel Gilbert

No. 32 Keagan John

No. 24 Russell Dandy

No. 26 David Lecounte

No. 0 Aaron Kuhl

No. 30 Jerrell Smith

No. 22 Montaye Frasier

No. 34 Desmond Brown

No. 45 Khari Collins

No. 52 David Jefferson

No. 28 Andre Burnett

The coach also thanked his sponsors, Chatham Eye Associates, PC, Liberty County YMCA, Comprehensive OB/GYN Health, Hi-Fidelity Civic Club, Phillip Pediatrics and Enterprise Car Rental in Hinesville.

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