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BI girls more than outlast Warriors
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Lady Tigers coach Faye Baker takes a time out to discuss strategy in Friday night’s game against the Jenkins Warriors. The Lady Tigers dominated the entire second half and had an impressive 53-29 win over the Warriors. - photo by Patty Leon
Bradwell’s Lady Tigers rallied from a struggling first half, to win big (53-29) over the Jenkins Warriors on Friday night.
With two steals and the first score put up by #3 Alexia Grimes of Jenkins, it appeared the Tigers lacked the confidence and the defense against a driving Warriors offense. Grimes hit a three point shot and although Bradwell answered with their own three-pointer from # 11 Camille Jackson, by the end of the first period the Warriors were up by two points.
Grimes, Jenkins point guard, had an impressive game with two three-point shots, a steal and some fancy passing drives such as one around the body of a Bradwell player to #14 Mallory Mitchell that allowed the Warriors to stay close to the Tigers in the second half.
But as the buzzer sounded the end of the second half a three point shot by #24 Mei-sean Lee, sank in the basket giving a one point lead to Bradwell (24-23).
In the end, however the Warriors appeared to run out of gas for most of the second half, allowing the Tigers to take the lead and not look back.  The Lady Tigers opened up the third period with two three point shots by #11 Camille Jackson and maintained the lead to end the third period 41-37. To seal the game the Tigers #23 Candice Curry finished with two steals, not allowing the Warriors to rally or score.
It was apparent toward the end that the key players for the Jenkins Warriors were feeling fatigued.
“Fatigue set in, we have a deep bench but we have limited players, so fatigue really played an important role tonight’s game,” Jenkins coach Denise Alsobrook said. “They were pressuring us and we did not have anybody on the bench to come in to reply to the pressure they were given us.”
So the fourth period was all Bradwell, The defense held on and the offense picked up and led to the final score of 53-29.
“I think our defensive intensity helped to step it up in the second half,” Bradwell coach Faye Baker said. “For the last two or three games we have not played with the energy or intensity that I would like to see us playing with. It seems like we have been a little funk. In the first quarter it appeared that we were still in a funk, but about midway through the second quarter our defensive energy picked up and it caused our offense to get going.”

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