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Blue Tide honor 28 seniors
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Four-year Blue Tide football player Levi Bell, one of 28 students recognized on Blue Tide Senior Night, stands with his mother, Dustie Bell.

Long County High School had senior night Oct. 24, recognizing football players, cheerleaders and band members who are graduating this school year.
There were 28 seniors recognized, 13 from the band, 11 on the football team and four cheerleaders.
Players recognized for four years of football were Levi Bell, escorted by his mother Dustie Bell, Johnny Benavides with his parents Birdie and Jason Hickman, Dequan Glover, mother Dora Walcott, and Mykoel Stanley, escorted by his parents Mark and Tanja Stanley. Three-year players were Michael Abram, escorted by his parents Denise and Mike Abrahm, and Jo’Vonta Harriss with his mother Audrella Walcott.
Two-year players were D’Andre Watkins, parents Tricia and Latisha Ling-Arnett, and Andrew Jones, escorted by Arrelle Freeman. First-year players were Tavon Ghant, father Tommy Ghant, Darius James, mother Wanda James, and Carlos Nevarez, escorted by his mother Magdalena Nevarez.
Musicians recognized for four years in the band were Margaret Alexander, escorted by her parents Mike and Cynthia Alexander, Georgettee Bennett, escorted by Jason McElveen, Courtney Dozier, parents Jennifer and Robert Dozier, and Justin Lee Edenfield, parents Nikki and Leon Edenfield.
Three-year band member Cai Reid was escorted by his mother Stephanie Reid. Two-year members were Jalen Anders, mother Katamara Frasier, Ruby Norman, mother Francine Norman, Raven Tillman, parents John and Angela Tillman, and Armando Toledo, escorted by his father Ricardo Toledo. Toledo also played football for three years.
First-year band members were Elena Walker, father Edwin Walker, Haille Jones, mother Angela Cobeo, Daniel Street, parents Kristen and Bryan Rodrigues, and Sierra Green, escorted by her father Michael Green.
Four-year cheerleader Morgan Bennett was escorted by her parents Dale and Dennis Bennett. Cheering for three years was Angel Chappell, escorted by her mother Antoinette Chappell. Two-year cheerleaders were Xena Lewallen, escorted by her mother Michelle Lewallen and her grandmother Linda Devereaux, and Michaela Martinez escorted by Hester Fleming and Michael Taylor.

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