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Boston, L.A. should be good match-up
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Well, the basketball gods have finally woken up and taken a step in the right direction to save the NBA: A Celtic/Laker match-up is just what the doctor ordered.
It's no longer Bird, McHale and Parish taking on Jabbar, "Magic" and Worthy, but Garnett, Pierce and Allen taking on Kobe, Gasol and Fisher has a nice ring to it.
It will be the 11th championship series between the two teams, with Boston bringing eight to Title-Town, and Los Angeles touting three, including the last banner back in 1987.
As big as the Bird/Magic rivalry was in the 80's, it could only have been matched by the two Hall-of-Famer's teams.  
It's hard to believe that it has been twenty years since the two teams met for the last championship in 1987. What's not hard to believe is how the interest of the upcoming match-up has sparked excitement beyond basketball fans, to men and women who seldom watch a complete game.
The two stoic teams define the NBA with the Celtics having the most championship titles, 16, compared with the Lakers' 14.
This year's paring is an interesting one with Boston bouncing back from logging only 33 wins in the 2006-2007 season, to having the best record in the NBA this year with 66 wins. Oh, how the right player, in the right system, can make the difference in a team - ain't that right KG?
The Lakers also experienced a resurgence this year, overcoming the off-season distractions of Kobe Bryant's front-office criticism and requests to be traded, to achieve the best record in the Western Conference and play-off domination. Funny how a winning record - and a few player acquisitions - can make a front office look smarter and please formerly unhappy player.
During the regular season, the green and white dominated but in the play-offs, the team has had to go at least six games in every series against higher-level competition.
Against a seemingly over-matched Atlanta Hawk team, Boston was pushed into a 7th game. They also had to go seven games against the Cleveland Cavilers. They did beat defending champs Detroit in six games, but even so, the Celtics had to play the most games of any team in history, twenty, to reach the finals.
The Lakers have had an easier time in the play-offs, sweeping the Nuggets, taking out Utah in six, and then ending the Spurs' season in five.
I don't know who will win this series and I'm not going out on a limb to make a prediction. However, I will say the Lakers have the edge, but Boston does have the extra game at home.  
What I do know is, when the series kicks off Thursday in Boston, like most of you, I will be sitting in front of my TV. Go Celtics!!!!
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