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Georgia Rattlers games start in February
The Rattlers mascot is a snake
It’ll be hard to know what to do when the NFL winds down to nothing more than the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. Well, for Liberty County residents, there is no need to put away the tailgate supplies just yet. The county’s newly formed semi-professional football team, the Georgia Rattlers, is looking to hit the grid-iron with games starting in February.
After holding tryouts throughout December and January, Rattlers head coach Jade Richards said he has a full roster ready for action.
“I have to say that we at the Rattlers organization are blessed and fortunate to have been able to have a full active roster of 31 players,” Richards said.
The coach thinks he has cemented the skilled positions, such as quarterback, receivers and back field spots. Richards said having a full roster will mean his players won’t have to play iron-man unless game time adjustments or injuries necessitate it.
“I feel very strongly, based on what we are doing offensively and defensively, we will be a force to reckon with,” the coach said.
Richards formed the Rattlers after a brief stint as defensive coordinator for the Hinesville Hurricanes semi-pro team. He said that while some people may think his team is a spin-off or an affiliate of the Hurricanes, that’s not the case.
“The Georgia Rattlers are not a spin-off, branch of or affiliate of the Hinesville Hurricanes,” Richards said. “We are individualized in every aspect. We are licensed, incorporated, insured, copywritten and branded as our own organization. We are in no fashion connected to the Hurricanes, although I truly respect the Hurricanes as a team and feel the Hurricanes deserve respect. We are a new and upcoming team and we would love for the community to come check us out.”
In fact, the Rattlers belong to a different semi-professional league, the National Independent Football League. The team is part of the National Football Conference North division along with the Waycross Firebirds, Savannah Warriors and Glynn County Revolution. The South division of the conference includes the North Florida Rams, First Coast Cardinals, Columbia County Falcons and the Duval Cowboys.
Richards said final adjustments are being made to the schedule and the season will start in February. The Rattlers will play their home games on Olvey Field.
The coach said the new enterprise has been rewarding and he’s learning how to deal with the business side, including organizing sponsors and dealing with other coaches and teams.
“The whole idea of starting our own team, I feel, has been a blessing in disguise,” Richards said.” As a new organization, people are eager to see results right away, but perfection takes time and so does the growth of success and that is what we strive for. Now it’s a dream coming true.”

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