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Lady Tide recognize eight seniors
The senior members of the 2014 Long County softball team. From left, Brittney Smiley, Taylor Poole, Emily Hester, Madalyn Flynn, Alyssa Anderson, Kaylyn McEwin, Samantha Garcia and Hannah Golden. - photo by Mikee Riddle

The Long County High School softball team held its senior-night activities Monday. 

As tears fell from the eyes of both parents and players, the night was one that all likely will remember. This year, there were eight seniors recognized, and each one of them gave a bit of advice to their fellow teammates.

Alyssa Anderson, escorted by her parents, Jeff and Diana Anderson, has been a member of the softball team for four years as well as member of the soccer team. She plans to attend college and become a job counselor. 

“Always give 110 percent, and just when you think you’ve given enough, give another 100,” Anderson said, “but more importantly, cherish every moment you have on this field, because before you know it, you will be standing here for the last time in your Lady Blue Tide uniform.”

Madalyn Flynn, escorted by her parents, Bruce and Dana Green, also has been a member of the Lady Tide for four years. She plans to attend college and become a rehabilitation nurse for geriatric patients.

“There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory,” Flynn said.

Samantha Garcia, escorted by her parents, Matt and Kristie Garcia, has played softball for four years and also is a member of the soccer and basketball teams. She plans to major in psychology at Armstrong State University.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference between softball success and softball failure,” she said.

Emily Hester, escorted by her parents, Bill and Michelle Hester, played softball for four years. She plans to be an elementary-school teacher and softball coach.

“Always keep your head up, and remember that everyone on this team has a very special purpose,” Hester said.

Kaylyn McEwin, escorted by her mother, Lynn McNeal, has played softball for four years and also is a member of the basketball and soccer teams. She plans to be a registered nurse and work with neo-natal patients.

“If you are ever injured, don’t rush the healing process. Instead, take that opportunity to rest and recuperate,” McEwin said. “Also, even if it’s close to 100 degrees outside, the work you are putting in will pay off.”

Taylor Poole, escorted by her parents, Leeann and Lamar Poole, has been a member of the Lady Tide softball team for four years and also plays for the soccer team. She will attend South University to become a pharmacist.

“Play hard. There are no fears in softball. Don’t lose the love of the game,” she said.

Brittney Smiley, escorted by her parents, Carolyn and John Smiley, has played softball for Long County all four years.

“Teamwork is the secret that makes common teams achieve uncommon results. Always support your team,” she said.

Hannah Golden, escorted by her parents, Michael and Melissa Golden, played softball for three years and is team manager this season. She would like to become a missionary or pursue some other Christian occupation.

“Whether you’re the MVP or sit the bench, every game is not about that. What matters is that you’re a member of this family,” she said. “The ladies standing beside you are your sisters, so strive to be the absolute best at whatever your role is on the team.”

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