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LCRD football league roundup
FBCL 2007 Mite All Stars
LCRD Midget Football All-star cheerleaders: Meet the 2007 LCRD All-star midget All-star cheerleaders. They are: Ahneiya Casey, Cassidy Collum, Erika Carter, Selena Dorcely, Tayona Green, Savanna Mock, Davina Martinez, Trinise Ross, Knilah Waters, Gabrielle Barwick and Chastity Lockett. - photo by Photo provided.
LCRD Pee-Wee Football playoff scores
Cardinals 0, Jaguars 6
Jets 0, Colts 6
Jaguars 0, Rams 13
Colts 7, Broncos 20
Rams 6, 49ers 0

Championship game
Rams 8, Broncos 20

Carion Eaton scored the first touchdown with a 49-yard run and Quindon Montgomery made the point-after attempt, giving the Broncos a 7-0 lead. The Rams came back in the second quarter when Stephen Fellows connected with Brandon Whittingham on a 14-yard pass. Ryan Desbians converted the two-point attempt giving the Rams a one-point lead, 8-7. Montgomery rallied the Broncos with a three-yard run, making it 13-8 in favor of the Broncos. Both teams remained scoreless in the third quarter. Eaton ran in a 43-yard run and Montgomery converted on the point-after giving the Broncos a 20-8 victory.

Junior football playoff scores
Seahawks 12, Buccaneers 22
Saints 0, Patriots 22

Championship game
Patriots 24, Buccaneers 30

The Bucs took an early lead when Shadrach Thornton scored six points on a six-yard run. Thorton extended the lead in the second quarter with a 48-yard run and Anthony Echevarria made the two-point conversion. Marsalis Jackson put the Patriots on the board with a 43-yard run and Bryce King kicked in for a two-point conversion, making the score 8-14 in favor of the Bucs. Jackson added points to the Patriots by running back the kick return for 87 yards. King added two more, bringing the Patriots two points ahead. But Thornton ran in another touchdown from the one-yard line. Echevarria added his two-point conversion, making it 16-22 in the Bucs favor. The Patriots tied the score in the fourth quarter with a 53-yard run by Robbie Bacon. King pulled the Patriots ahead by two with his conversion. Thornton was not done for the day and added another touchdown with a 34-yard run and a two-point conversion by Echevarria gave the Bucs a 30-24 victory.
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