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LCRD taekwondo kicks Smyrna
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In front (l-r): Kenneth Bailum, Joshua Starkey, Jah-Shua Watts, Armando Toledo, Ja- Sun Watts, David Betts and coach Edmond Conyers. In back (l-r): master Rafael Medina, Leah Hughes, coach Luis Gaybort, Mychael Conyers, coach Hee Kim and coach Myrka Kim.
The Smyrna Community Center was the latest stop for the Liberty County Recreation Department’s Sport Taekwondo Team on their road to the USA Taekwondo National Qualifier in Miami, Fla.
At the 2007 Georgia Games Championship in Smyrna, the team had an impressive win.
Of the ten athletes, Jim Arnold, David Betts, and Leah Hughes captured gold medals in forms and remain undefeated in sparring.  
Mychael Conyers took the gold in forms and the silver in sparring.
The younger athletes made an imposing show as well. Tyler Arnold and Joshua Starkey scored gold medals in forms and a silver in sparring. Kenneth Bailum and Ja-Sun Watts won silver medals in forms and silver in sparring. Armando Toledo took the bronze in forms and the gold in sparring and Jah-Shua Watts won bronze medals in both forms and sparring.  
Overall, the athletes, coaches and team members’ parents are pleased with the results. 
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