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Young squad places third in Jax
Members of Scotts All-Stars pose for a photo outside the Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics. The team visited the school during its recent trip to Jacksonville, where it competed in a tournament. - photo by Photo provided.

Scott’s All-Stars had two squads perform well March 30-April 1 during a tournament in Jacksonville.
The fifth- and sixth-grade teams finished third in their age groups. The fifth-graders earned a division two bid after finishing the tourney with a 2-2 record. The sixth-graders finished 3-2 to earn a division one bid.
“This tournament was also the first tournament since report cards. Therefore, some kids got the opportunity to find out that our program is serious about grades,” coach Marcus Scott IV said. “Students that did not have an 80 average were suspended for two games and will have until progress reports to bring their (grade-point average) up to Scott’s All-Stars program’s standard.”
Scott said two students from each team were required to sit out two games because of the policy. Scott said the team GPA currently is 84, which is a few points lower than in previous years.
“Three of the four players were new to the program,” Scott said. “Usually, after having to sit out games, everyone knowing you are not making the grades and being forced to watch your team play without you, students work harder to make the required grades.”
The All-Stars also had the opportunity to tour the Jacksonville University campus.
“During the tour, students got the opportunity to view the facility and line dance with faculty members who were having a yard party to support breast-cancer research,” Scott said.

SAS results/player points

Fifth grade
• SAS 52, Jacksonville Crusaders 22
Top scorers: Steele 16, Scott 16, Powell 8, Collins 5, Phillips 4

• LBF Stars 47, SAS 43
Top scorers: Collins 10, Steele 10, I. Scott 11, Phillips 5, Powell 3, Merchant 2

• SAS 44, Lee Bulls 38
Top scorers: I. Scott 16, Steele 12, Merchant 7, Powell 4, Baggs 3, Phillips 2

• LBF Stars 40, SAS 28
Top scorers: I. Scott 8, Merchant 6, Baggs 4, Dock 3, Steele 3, Powell 2, Collins 2
Sixth grade
• North Florida Elite 55, SAS 30
Top scorers: Humphies 11, Jackson 5, M. Scott 5, I. Scott 4, Dandy 3, Moser 2

• SAS 65, LBF Stars 25
Top scorers: M. Scott 20, Jackson 18, Humphies 12, Dandy 9, I. Scott 4, Moser 2

• SAS 51, Southeast GA Thunder 9
Top scorers: Jackson 22, M. Scott 12, Humphies 10, Dandy 8, Moser 2

• SAS 54, Jacksonville Crusaders 48
Top scorers: M. Scott 18, Jackson 14, Humphies 9, Dandy 7, I. Scott 6

• SMAA Trojans 69, SAS 32
Top scorers: M. Scott 13, Jackson 7, Humphies 4, Dandy 3, Burnett 3, I. Scott 2

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