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Scotts All-Stars tour Hampton University
Members of Scott’s All-Stars basketball team run the Hampton University track during a campus visit. The team visited several campuses this summer. - photo by Photo provided.

To promote the importance of education to student athletes, Scott’s All-Stars coach Marcus Scott IV said he took members of his basketball team on a tour of Hampton University in Virginia after the team played July 16-22 in the AAU National Tournament.

The boys were eliminated after reaching the elite eight, but Scott IV said the children learned more off the court than on.

"Our kids got a chance to visit at least five colleges this year," he said.

The coach said the visits to different campuses this summer set his program apart from other AAU teams.

"We are more than basketball," he said.

Scott said each player on his squad was asked what college they want to attend and next season, they plan to visit as many on the list as they can.

Scott said the tours give kids a better idea of where they might like to go.

"Right now, they are just making college decisions based on knowing someone who went to that college or a college that sounds familiar," he said. "But when they actually get to visit these colleges, we hear things like, ‘Oh, they have a movie theater on campus. I’m going here instead,’ or ‘I didn’t know colleges had museums.’ The experience they receive while visiting these colleges is priceless."

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