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Tigers drop game to Camden in double overtime only to kick down the Rebels
Joey Lliso did some serious head butting in the Tigers victories over the Grove Rebels Tuesday night. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier


Tigers traditional victory dance

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After a close match against Camden County, where the Men Tigers lost in double overtime 2-1, last Thursday, the Bradwell soccer squads bounced back against The Groves Rebels Tuesday night with the Lady Tigers winning 3-1 and the men winning 3-0.
Tiger soccer coach Greg Cooke said his men's squad fought hard against the Camden Wildcats and actually maintained a 1-0 lead throughout the game. It was a call, that some of the fans felt was questionable, that allowed the Wildcats to get back into the game with only 12 seconds left in regulation.
"It's a judgment call and that is what the referees are here for," Cooke said. "It's a call and we have to live with it."
Cooke said there were certain things his team could have done better against Camden to ensure a win.
"We missed some opportunities," he said. "We should have had more goals that we just didn't make. We played well the first overtime but by the second overtime you could see fatigue had set in."
Putting the loss behind them, the Tigers looked to Groves on their home turf Tuesday night.

Lady Tigers 3, Lady Wildcats 1
The Lady Tigers carried a 3-0 lead throughout the first half and for most of the second before a Lady rebel drove in a goal to avoid the shut out with 36 seconds left.
Cooke said he gave the girls a pep talk after their loss to Camden.
"Today they came out and made a point that they are getting better," he said. "They beat Groves twice now. They are giving tremendous effort.
Suede Jones came back from a slight knee injury to score a goal in their victory against the Lady Rebels. Danielle Jacobs and Danielle Durham added the other two scores for the Lady Tigers.
"Durham is continually producing. She is a new player and a freshman and she continues to produce, Suede is another freshman so we have a lot of good things going on for us."

Tigers 3, Rebels 0
"This was a tough and aggressive team," Cooke said about the Rebel squad. "That's the type of team they are. They are contact oriented but we played our game and by doing that we came out ahead."
The Tigers maintained their composure and that allowed them to control the ball and make the passes and kick the goals.
"They maintained focus," Cooke said. "The goal was to play soccer and that is what we did."
Cooke said the Rebels played hard the first half. But his squad was able to keep a cool head against some rough plays. The Rebels appeared flustered in the second half, causing a player to be carded and giving Chris Schuster an opportunity to score on a penalty kick.
"Our guys showed a lot of heart and integrity," Cooke said. "We always practice sportsmanship, we are always respectable and we are always here to play the game."
The Tigers were scheduled to play Windsor Forest on Thursday starting at 5 p.m.

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