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Tigers scrimmage Bryan
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DeAnte Day is safe as he slides into second base in the scrimmage against Bryan County Friday night. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
The Tigers hit the road to scrimmage against the Bryan County Redskins on Friday, preparing them for the regular season of play starting next week.
The scrimmage gave the coaches an opportunity to look at player strengths and weakness. For the players the lesson learned was to remain focused throughout the game, regardless of the score; for the coaches analyzing the positions and skills of each player enabled them to focus on specific tactics they would need to practice.
“Our plan for tomorrow’s practice is to try and get the ball in play,” coach Rhett Hellgren. “We had trouble getting the ball in play, I think the players are starting to understand how to work the pitch count, but we are still not pulling the trigger when we can,” he said.
The bright spot for the Tigers is their depth on the mound with pitchers, Nick Franks, Dustin Belletty, Steven Dill and Josh Magaw each taking a turn at the batters with speed and accuracy.
“I’m very pleased with our pitching, they did really well we had some mental lapses in our defense but overall I’m pleased with our pitching,” said Hellgren.
As in any baseball games it comes down to hits and errors and the Tigers struggled a little in the first two innings with two critical errors that allowed runners to come in. “If we can cut down on the errors and we have decent pitching we should do all right,” Hellgren commented.
The scrimmage remained close up until the bottom of the third inning when the Redskins, who were only up by one, ran in three more for a 4-0 lead. In the end the Redskins dominated with their hits to close the scrimmage at 9-0.  

LCHS Panthers beat McIntosh County Academy, 10-1, in their opening scrimmage Friday.
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