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Tigers welcome new offensive line coach
Adam Bryie - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
The Bradwell Tigers football squad continues summer conditioning every Monday Wednesday and Thursday morning, now under the watchful eye of their new offensive line coach, Adam Bryie.
Bryie, a native of central Florida who coached at Apoka High School and has seven years of coaching experience, said he joined the Tiger family the first week of June.
"I was talking to coach Walsh and I've wanted to get into some tougher and better football leagues," he said during a team water break. "And South Georgia football is the toughest and best there is. Region 3 is a pretty good and competitive region."
Bryie said a bonus is the move to Hinesville brings him closer to his family, including his brother who lives in Jacksonville.
Watching the student athletes for the last five weeks Bryie said he sees that players already reporting for the Tigers are very talented talented.
"These are the best athletes I've ever worked with offensive line-wise," he said.
The new coach said he was pleased that most of the interior line was returning from last season's varsity squad but said he is looking to fill all the gaps including those at the left and right tackle. He also wants the athletes to challenge themselves in other positions.
"I told the players that right now no one has a starting position and it's all open for competition," he said. "These guys seem like they are going to be fine. I just want to get them to where we can do everything right and have no missed assignments in games. Right now we've been working on basic stance, starts and footwork and really repeating the process more than going through the plays. It's about teaching them the individual blocks they are going to execute over and over again throughout the course of a game. It's easier to learn the perfect stance and form now so if we are in the middle of a game and have to change something we don't need to teach them a totally new concept."
He said he would like to see more young linemen come out and try their hand at the game. He also emphasized he has players that are really fighting for an opportunity to play and is working hard to keep them focused on the task at hand.
"My main goal is to make sure that we are technically sound in everything we do," he said. "That we don't have any missed assignments and no mental breakdowns athletically and physically."

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