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Zombies invade Holbrook Pond
A group of runners try to evade a zombie at the inaugural Dawn of the Zombies 5K run last Saturday at Holbrook Pond. - photo by Lewis Levine

It appears the walking dead were among humans at the inaugural Dawn of the Zombies 5K run last Saturday at Holbrook Pond.

Zombies attempted to fill their ranks by taking the “lives” of unsuspecting mortals during the event, which was the brainchild of sport-and-fitness management trainee Courtney Cameron. The race wound its way through Holbrook Pond and the surrounding wooded and campground area off Highway 144 East.

Cameron said zombies seem to be the “it” things in pop culture lately as a variety of movies and the popularity of the TV show “The Walking Dead” gain viewers and publicity.

“I've seen other zombie runs in other parts of Georgia and thought, ‘Why not do one here?’” Cameron said.

According to Cameron, an estimated 150 people braved the chilly temperatures to take part in the run, which led them through woods as hungry “zombies” waited patiently to snatch plastic flags that represented their lives off their waists. Each runner was given two flags, and the zombies attempted to snatch the flag from the living walkers and runners. Once the runner lost their flags, they joined the ranks of the living dead. 

As runners made their way through the woods, the eerie sounds of the living dead emanated through fog. Suddenly, startled runners and walkers were confronted by zombies as they rounded a corner and had to dash away for fear of losing their flags.

Spc. Cathy Garcia took part in the run and found the event fun and the zombies quick. 

"I fell in a pothole. They were very, very quick, but I came out alive,” she said.

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