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Savannah native attends Princeton Institute
Carmen Jones
Carmen Jones
Jacksonville resident Carmen L. Jones is a licensed speech-language pathologist with Duval County Public Schools where she evaluates and treats students with communication disorders in grades K-8 at two school sites.  
The Savannah native and University of North Florida doctoral candidate was recently selected to attend the First Coast Scholars Princeton Summer Institute on the campus of Princeton University.   Jointly with an elite cohort of eight teacher-participants, Jones participated in the "Children in Transit" seminar, studying under Dr. Uli Knoepflmacher, Princeton's emeritus professor and specialist in children's literature. As a result of their participation, each group member will develop a research-based curriculum to improve the academic performance of students in Northeast Florida. The Jacksonville Princeton Alumni Association sponsored the all-expenses paid trip.
Jones is a graduate of Windsor Forest High, Armstrong Atlantic State University and the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lee (Inez Stevens) Hargrove of Riceboro. Her mother, Mrs. Leila Hargrove Jones taught for several years at Liberty High School prior to retiring from the Chatham County School district. Retired Liberty County educator, Mrs. Mary L. Baggs (widow of Earl Baggs), gave "Carmen Lynne" (as she is affectionately known) her early educational foundation  at Riceboro Elementary School.  
Although Ms. Jones has received many awards and honors in her professional field, she is continually grateful to her family and friends in the Crossroad Community of Riceboro.

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