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Where are they now? We want to know
Jennifer Winfield Scales
Jennifer Wingfield
Your life is grand …or at least I hope so.  
Friends, associates, old flames, family members and, yes, even those who cast arched eyes upon you in the past, want to know what you’re doing.
Hence this sporadic column to the Coastal Courier, “Where in the World is ….?”  Carmen Sandiego was spotted all over the place during her heyday, but many of our former Liberty countians have settled into interesting lifestyles or careers and we don’t hear anything about them.
Maybe you are the captain of your own ship, literally, such as being in the U.S. Navy or the CEO of your own company, riding the waves of the Caribbean on a yacht, entertaining folks on the Carnival Triumph or Holland America, charting courses from your own yacht, or fishing off a pier in Thunderbolt. Or you may find yourself just keeping the ship afloat in your home, taking care of those who look up to you every day.  
Perhaps you have begun your own business, enjoying a goal that you have dreamed of for years.  
On the other hand, maybe you have closed your venture and can now sit back and enjoy the profits.  
Have we seen you on television? Heard your music on iTunes or at the Grammy Awards Show? Have you made it on the big screen with Glenn Close or Morgan Freeman or the small screen as an American Idol or an extra on CSI?
You get the drift.
As long as you lived in the Liberty County area at some point in your life, let us know where you are at this phase. Even if you are still living here, moved back after a few years or, in some cases months, you can still participate.
Personally speaking, there are several jocks and “jockettes” that I would like to know the skinny on these days. So send a ping to, Facebook or tweet “Searching4You” on Twitter.   
Local contacts can be made in person. Other contacts will be made via internet and phone.  
So just where are you and what are you doing?
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