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Bring back World War II Victory Gardens
Limerick Plantation happenings
DOT pineapple
A rules gives perspective to the size of the pineapples grown by Roy Hensel. - photo by Photo provided.
I need you leaves and pine straw: I ride around my district from time to time and see yards with lots of leaves and pine straw, then I see everything gone in a flash. Please, please don’t burn them or haul them to our convenience centers. Just know that I will come get your leaves and pine straw if you call me. You will be destroying valuable compost.  If you don’t want them, I do!
I’m also saving black print newspapers to use in the bottoms of my flower pots to hold moisture to my plants and to use in my vegetable gardens. Recycle, recycle, recycle.   
Those of you who have paper shredders, use that in the bottom of your flowerpots. You won’t have to water as often.  

Crabbing/fishing pier: I happened to catch the legal notice that the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee and the Department of Natural Resources posted as a request by the city of Midway to construct a crabbing/fishing pier and observation deck at the Cay Creek Wetlands Interpretive Center. I just hope this is not another “white elephant” for the taxpayers to absorb. I will check out the location. Anyone that needs or wants to check this out can do so by contacting John Wynne, DNR, 185 Richard David Drive, Suite 104, Richmond Hill 31324.

Growing our own fruit: My friend, Roy Hensel, is a master plant grower. He has actually grown miniature pineapples, and we’ve talked lately about why my two pineapple plants haven’t produced yet. He said I need to move them from their one-gallon pots to three-gallon pots. He has also been successful in growing gardenia plants from seed, something that I have not experimented with yet. Anyone who knows me knows I never throw any seeds away. During the autumn and winter months, I spend a lot of time gathering seeds from everything along the roadside, my property and from neighbors’ yards, with permission. And I give away many plants in the spring that are the results of these seeds.  The one seed that I’ve never been able to produce is a peach seed. I need to do more research on them. Maybe they have to be planted a special way, just like sego eggs, which have to be planted on their sides, instead of up or down. I have almost 100 sego eggs that I will have to soak, peel and plant into three five-foot wading pools filled with potting soil. I’m happy to say that my elderberry bushes have survived the cold and will probably produce a lot of fruit this summer. My three grapevines that my friend Hill moved for me will also produce a lot of fruit this summer.  I want all of you to start planting fruit trees, instead of flowers – apples, pears, grapes, plums, kumquats, grapefruits,  lemons, tangerines, pecans – and make a space in your backyard for tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, collards, potatoes, carrots and anything else that you can eat. If more people would grow their own food, it would soon bring down the price of groceries. This is what people did in the 1940s. Remember Victory Gardens?

Things to ponder: John Burke, who writes a column for the Savannah Morning News, recently touched on some scary things that we need to be aware of. Recently, he got two reports of bobcats and coyotes being sited in Ludowici, and even in Screven County. One night recently, I saw a huge raccoon on my deck. He looked like he could weigh 50 pounds. So I set my trap, using a half-loaf of bread as bait. The next morning, all of the bread was gone and the trap had been tripped but no raccoon.  He is just too big for my squirrel trap. It worries me that an animal that big can invade my property.  I had noticed big “droppings” in my yard, knowing that these droppings were not from my two cats or from squirrels. Now, after seeing this large raccoon, I realized that the droppings were his. Animal Control will not bring a trap to your property unless it is for a cat or dog. So I will have to buy a bigger trap, to humanely trap this guy, and then take him down to Lyman Hall Road, where I have released many squirrels, possums and raccoons. People need to stop feeding them and eventually they will find their way back to nature.  I do continue to put out bread scraps and seeds for birds that have stayed behind, but I remove anything left behind at night, so it does not encourage raccoons or possums to venture up on my deck.  If you have dogs that you take out at dark to “do their business” don’t leave them alone. These bobcats and coyotes are looking for food, and your pet could be a victim if left alone.  

Buyer beware: Now that more and more people are buying used vehicles, know what you’re getting. You, as a consumer, have the right to ask for a Carfax on the vehicle you are going to purchase. Do not buy any used vehicle without this report. It will show you if the vehicle has ever been wrecked.
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