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Burning leaves wastes compost, dirties air
Limerick Plantation
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Puppies need shots:  There's been a lot said in the news lately about the disease parvo. Unless you get your new puppy the proper shots, it could contract this deadly disease. This is why animals taken in by the Humane Shelter are isolated at first. So if you adopt a new puppy, please make sure it gets all the shots required to prevent this disease.

Disaster waiting to happen: I'm glad to know that our local fire department is looking at could happen if a train derailed in Lake George. We have only one way in and out and that is across the railroad tracks. Now, if this happened, our only way out would be from Rec 1 or Rec 2 by boat. I suggested looking into extending Jerico into the Villages of Limerick and maybe making a bridge over the ditch and tracks on Pine into Woodland Lakes. It is reassuring also to know that the Eastern District Fire Department now has a rescue boat.  

Please don't burn: It just saddens me when I see people burning their leaves.  Do they not realize what good compost they make?  I'm thankful my neighbor, Carolyn Cowart saves all hers and shares them with me for my many flowerbeds.  With all the pollen in the air, we surely don't need smoke mixed with it.  I also fill my garden with leaves during the winter and when spring comes and it's time to plant tomatoes, peppers, etc., all I do is push back the leaves, dig a hole, deposit the plant, then pull the leaves back to the plant.  It takes less water, because the leaves hold the moisture. I also use the newspaper trick in my garden. This attracts earthworms, which make the soil rich.  Once again, please don't burn your leaves.

More on the junk situation: I always thought that "junk" on a piece of property was illegal. Apparently not in Liberty County. Just drive around, folks. Do you realize now why no big businesses are coming here and setting up? Obviously Target and Tire Rack don't care about what their truckers have to drive past on the way to their warehouses. I wonder what tourists think when they drive through Liberty County.  What the powers that be don't realize is that Lake George is no longer a fish camp. It is a community of 90 percent caring, law-abiding people and 10 percent who could care less.  That 10 percent are ruining it for the rest of us. Hey, look up "vigilance committee" in the dictionary.  It says, "A volunteer committee of citizens organized to suppress and punish crime summarily, as when the processes of law appear inadequate." What we have here folks, is a failure to communicate.  When my quality of life and the value of my property are tampered with, it definitely is against the law. If junk is not a nuisance, then what is it?  Want to see a dilapidated structure?  Look at the corner of Limerick and Highway 17. How about unlicensed vehicles? There are thousands in this county.

Kudos: I called Animal Control this past week and told them about four dogs running loose and described them. Two days later there are just two of them left. I would like to thank Randy, Richard and Gary for coming to my house and letting me know that they were scanning Lake George to find these dogs.  At least someone working for the county is doing their job.

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