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Cancer claims hero police dog
Limerick Plantation
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Hero dog dies: Many in Lake George knew K-9 hero, Bruno. Bruno's owner announced recently that Bruno has died. He was diagnosed with cancer in February. Bruno was a Belgian malinois and defended his handler, Gregg Ernst, on many occasions. Bruno was involved in more than 265 arrests and assists, 78 evidence searches, 96 tracking missions, 525 narcotic searches and 216 building searches. His "last day on the job" was Feb. 27. He was then taken to a veterinarian in Jacksonville for treatments. Bruno was put to rest near the police horse stables on Dean Forrest Road. Bruno truly was a hero.

What a great idea: A recent news story told of someone at the Greenville, S.C., Animal Shelter who came up with an idea to boost adoptions. They started sending mass emails out with pictures of animals scheduled to be euthanized. Officials stated that before the emails, only about 35 animals were adopted each month. Since the emails, they have adopted out 150 animals, thanks to caring people.

Spring has sprung:
Even though last week's paper predicted more nights down in the 30s, Spring is in the air. At least pollen sure is. But in a recent walk around my yard, I noticed my chinaberry trees are blooming. Every day brings something new. I have blue, yellow and white indigo plants, which are just gorgeous right now. I replanted blue seeds, because it did not come back up this year. I also noticed blooms on my "rescued" amorpha fruiticosa plants also. When they open, they resemble wisteria blooms. If you want one of my "baby" calycanthus (Carolina allspice) plants, just call ahead to make sure I'm home. You will be in awe of the "mama." I have several of my friends who are taking my advice about not buying any more plants, except ones that produce food, for their yards. By the way, thanks Joyce for my baby grapefruit tree. This summer, you must ride down First Street and see this huge cluster of banana plants that bear every year. Native plants do well with little care. Most nurseries are now carrying a variety of natives. One more reminder: Catch rainwater in trash barrels and keep the lids on when there is no rain, so mosquitoes don't breed.

Kudos: I don't know who took the initiative, but I have to say whoever repaired all the playground equipment that I listed in my column recently and gave everything a new coat of paint, is to be commended. Everything looks great and people are once again taking their children there to play. By the way, if you venture onto any POA property, please make sure you have your membership card with you. Destruction of property is a major problem and something is being done to try and stop it. Also, a big thank you to Tony Mullis, our code enforcer, for contacting the owners of the trashy property at Haven Road and Limerick. The old trailer has been torn down, a lot of the trash has been hauled away. I may be assuming that they cleaned it up, when perhaps they sold the property, and the new owners are getting it cleaned up, who knows? I know the people that come out of Woodland Lakes every day will be glad to see this mess cleaned up totally. The property is directly across the street from their entrance. Now, if Tony could either prosecute or fine the people who own the property across from me. Some of the people, who were sent letters, have cared enough to clean up their mess. We've got a long way to go. But a big thank you to those of you that have done something about it. Kudos to a Coastal Electric employee, Mike Young, whom I approached recently and asked him if he could use his bucket truck to "fix" the flag at the Thompson Memorial Park. He did and not only reattached the flag, but secured it, hopefully to prevent it being detached in the future. Semper fi

Sunday supper in the strawberry patch: It's not too early to call the Bamboo Farms and send your check for a delicious supper at the pavilion and have fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert. This will take place on Sunday, April 27, at 5 p.m. Call 912-921-5460 if you have any questions.

Another dog story: Picture this ad in the newspaper: SBF seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I'm a svelte, good-looking girl who loves to play. I love long walks and riding in your pickup truck. I love hunting, camping and fishing trips. I love cozy winter nights spent lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. I'll be at the front door when you get home from work. Call 555-XXXX and ask for Daisy.
The phone number was the Humane Shelter and Daisy was an 8-week-old black lab.

Strawberries and blackberries:
Don't forget you can still pick strawberries at the Bamboo Farms through May and blackberries in June.
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