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LCSS techno-titans win at media festival
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Each year the students in Liberty County work with their parents, teachers, media specialists, and instructional technology specialists to create multi-media projects.
The projects can be in a variety of formats: live action, animation, sequential stills, class project K-5, electronic picture book, electronic photographic essay, interactive stills or a Web site.
The finished projects are then scored by volunteer judges us ing rubrics. There are several levels of evaluation; school, county, state and international festival, where judges all evaluate projects that earn a superior ranking.  
Liberty County School System had 46 student projects earn scores of 96 or higher at the Georgia Student Media Festival. Those 46 projects were submitted to the International Student Media Festival at the end of last school year. A total of 12 of the 46 projects have been named winners.
Frank Long Elementary School projects:
“A Sharp Pencil,” by Caleb Troupe-Clear, sequential stills, second grade
“Sometimes I Feel,” by Catherine Smiley’s class, sequential stills, kindergarten grade
“FLE’s Critter Corner,” by Nicole Lukkarinen’s class, Web site, fifth grade
“It’s All About the Water,” by Kayla Kelly, sequential stills, second grade
Jordye Bacon Elementary School project:
“Mya’s Top Ten States,” by Mya Gilliard, sequential stills, third grade, judges’ favorite
Liberty Elementary School Projects:
“Koalas are Sweet,” by Kaylee McCook, sequential stills, kindergarten
“My Dad,” by Zackary Chenevert, sequential stills, kindergarten
Lyman Hall Elementary projects:
“Tekno-Savvy Kindergarteners,” by Carla Schaadt’s class, live action, kindergarten
“Life Cycle of the Butterfly,” by Carla Schaadt’s class, sequential stills, kindergarten
“Media Madness,” by Denise Blackmon’s class, live action, kindergarten
Taylors Creek Elementary School projects:
“The Adventures of Bad News Bear,” by Cale Crane, sequential stills, kindergarten
“Mythical Creatures from Mrs. Parker’s Class,” by Debbie Parker’s class, sequential stills, fourth grade
Student winners have the opportunity to attend the International Student Media Festival Oct. 29-31 in Louisville, Ky. The festival is sponsored by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, a non-profit organization improving instruction through technology. Activities include technology workshops, screening of the winning projects and an awards ceremony.

School notes is an opinion piece written by staff members of the Liberty County School System covering areas of their expertise. Rearley is media coordinator for the Liberty County School System
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