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Lots of work needed for cleanup
Limerick Plantation
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Spring Festival and plant sale:  Don't miss this tomorrow at the Bamboo Farms. There is a $1 parking fee. Lots of plants, food and music for the entire family.

Easter egg hunt for children:  The Lake George POA will sponsor an Easter egg hunt for all the children in Lake George tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Great American Cleanup:  Woodland Lakes is already gearing up to be involved in this year's cleanup. New beautification chairwoman Phyllis Griffin is talking with residents to line up a community-wide cleanup. I will be involved again. Ray Whitehead and I rode his cart all over Woodland Lakes last Friday. Ray had taken 60 pictures a year ago of blighted lots. Out of those, only three had been completely cleaned up. However, we added 17 new properties that are now full of junk or old campers. We also called animal control about five properties that had dogs tethered and all five were cited. Thanks to Randy with Animal Control for coming out immediately and doing this. Environmental Health promised to cite the ones we saw draining on the ground. Letters will be mailed to these property owners, giving them 30 days to comply, then the POA will move in and clean up the property at the owner's expense.  April 12 is designated at Woodland Lakes' Great American Cleanup day. Here in Lake George, I plan to kayak our 90-acre lake and collect litter on the edge of the dike and down by people's docks, then hopefully enough people will volunteer to make repairs to our playground on April 19, our GAC day. The seesaws need repairing, the swings need replacing, the tire swings need to be repaired and new sand is needed in the sandbox hut. Call if you would like to be a part of the Great American Cleanup.

St. Catherines beach sweep:  This part of GAC will be limited to 35 people. Sara Swida thinks she has enough boats right now, if no one backs out. Launch sites will be Sunbury ramp and Half Moon Marina. Volunteers need to be there by 8:30 a.m. to sign up, then launch time will be 9.  Bring sunscreen and maybe bug repellent.

Meeting with commissioner:
  About 30 people showed up to discuss the possibility of getting more speed humps in Lake George. It was pointed out that the original one on Lake Drive has now been worn down from heavy trucks traveling over it and it needs to be redone. It was also pointed out that the existing ones do not conform with each other. Some of them you can go over and not even feel them. Others will jar your brains, even at 20 mph. Out of all the people there, only two people were against them. One of them doesn't even live on a paved street, yet he protested the loudest. There were two people there from Sunbury who want them in their community also. Not only will these speed humps, if constructed high enough, slow down speeders, it will slow down four-wheelers, which are a big problem everywhere. Kids driving golf carts were also discussed. Golf carts have been a part of communities for years. Just ask people who live at the Landings or Waterford Plantation that have been riding them in their communities for years. One man said his insurance company told him that as long as one rides a cart on the road, he is not insured. Well, I guess we better alert the 1,000 families that live at the Landings and Waterford and Cattle and Planting Hammock. Compare the speed of a golf cart, 12 mph, to a four-wheeler that can go up to 85, even 100 mph. Kids do not belong on golf carts or four-wheelers. In fact, no one who is not of license age belongs on them. The meeting ended with Commissioner Bowen promising to visit the addresses that requested the speed humps. As for the two men who were against them, save your "bah humbug" for Christmas.  

More waste of taxpayer money: 
Once again our officials have turned a deaf ear to the requests of the taxpayers. We have some of the finest hotels in the state right here in Liberty County, yet our officials choose every year to spend thousands of our tax dollars on the most expensive hotel in the state, the King and Prince at St. Simons Island. I do remember when Sampie Smith was a commissioner, he chose not to waste our money. He would attend the workshops, but chose to drive home to Hinesville each night and not run up a hotel room bill. By the way, if you look at the "areas of special attention" published in the Courier, there is not one mention of saving taxpayers money. To further waste our tax monies, the commissioners now are proposing to build a boat hoist (not a marina) at Cattle Hammock (not Planting Hammock). Are you listening commissioners? No one at Cattle Hammock wants a boat hoist that will draw hundreds of boaters during the summer months into their quiet little community. If you think the riot situation in Tibet right now is bad, wait until you see what happens if you follow through with this. And won't this involve hiring an employee to man it and charge a fee. Isn't that a conflict of interest, government competing with two private marinas? You already own Maxwell Street at Sunbury and it dead ends right at deep water. A ramp could be built there, at no charge to the taxpayer and no extra employee needed.
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