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Messing up my 'me time'
Military spouse
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During long separations from my husband in the past, I basically stopped functioning. For the upcoming year he’ll be away, I’m determined not to let that be the case.
I thought I’d practice my productivity while he was gone for the month of October. And boy was I productive. After the first week, my dishes were always washed, I exercised every day, and I was eating right. The bills were paid early and the assignments for my online classes were done and done well.
I felt proud of my accomplishments, excited that I was able to go on living. Then he came back home.
All of the time I had previously been directing at house cleaning and homework was stolen from me and spent cuddling on the couch, watching reruns on TV with my husband. So as the dishes started to pile up and my well-designed diet was ruined by his dinner request of spaghetti, a meal I always eat at least three servings of, I was disappointed. He was messing up my routine.
Now I’m thinking, if it’s this challenging to readjust to having him around after just one month of absence, how crazy is it going to be after 12 months?
I know I should treasure the time I have with him, but it seems like “me time” often takes precedence over “us time.”
Time to re-evaluate my priorities. “Me time” should be something I resort to when “us time” isn’t available, not the other way around. Now, I just have to keep that frame of mind for the next year, and I’ll be set.
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