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New TVs can be confusing
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Do you dread having to buy your next TV, not because of price but because of the technology? If you haven’t bought a TV in quite a few years, your best bet is to get up to speed on what’s out there.
The two big choices now are plasma or LCD TVs.
LCD TVs have the widest range of sizes and are good for rooms with a lot of light. When shopping for an LCD TV, you’ll see descriptions such as 32-inch class/720p or 40-inch class/1080p.
Plasma TVs are subject to glare from windows and look best in low to normal light. They’re good for fast-action sports and video games. Plasma TVs will have descriptions such as 50-inch class/1080p or 42-inch class/720p.
That “p” number is one to watch, because it denotes the resolution. Each “p” number is the number of lines on the screen. If you play a lot of video games, the 1080p will likely work better for you. If you only watch television, the 720 should be sufficient, as many shows are only broadcast at 720p, depending on your cable provider.
Check your available space before buying a new television, especially if you’re not going to hang it on the wall. The new screens are wider but not as tall. Measure the height and width of your current television screen before you go shopping. Take a tape measure with you.
Check with your cable provider to see if you already get an HDTV signal or if you’ll need to upgrade your package.
One place to look online for help in deciding between plasma and LCD is It understands that the new technology can be confusing and has developed a section to help you not only understand, but to select a TV within your price and size requirements. To find the information, go to the site, click the TV and Video button, click TV on the left side list, then select HDTV Basics to learn more, or Help Me Choose to narrow your choices.

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