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Resolutions for a 'green' New Year
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Happy New Year! 2008 is almost here — whether we are ready for it or not!
The New Year is such a perfect time for making resolutions to improve our lives and change our habits. It is a fresh start. It is a clean slate. I know that for many of us those well meaning resolutions have often bitten the dust within a few days of ringing in the New Year. But we can still try each year, can’t we?
I polled some residents of our community to see if they had any environmentally friendly resolutions this year. I wondered if they were thinking “green.” Are you? I hope so. Here are some of the “green” action plans these citizens have for 2008.
Ginny Bennett: I am going to look for ways to conserve water. We have already started by purchasing a new front load washer that really minimizes the amount of water used when washing.
Good idea, Ginny. I hope all of us Georgians have been reminded this year to use our precious water wisely. If you are convinced that it is time to ‘conserve every drop’, check out the website for more water saving ideas.
Dylan Pritchett: I am committed to participating on our newly formed “Green Committee” to try to incorporate as many eco-friendly solutions as possible in the daily operation of Hampton Island.
Thanks to all of you at Hampton Island for your interest in taking care of our environment.
Ella Golden: I am going to encourage my grandchildren to become involved in environmentally friendly activities as much as possible from recycling to litter cleanups. I will also participate because I know the best way to teach our young is to lead by example.
Pam Henderson: We have several actions we are planning to take to become more eco-friendly at our home. These include:
• Purchase and use at least two rain barrels in our yard,
• Unplug all appliances when not in use to save on phantom loads,
• Use only environmentally friendly cleaning products and stop using disposable, single-use items as much as possible,
• Buy local to reduce need for transportation of goods,
• Really make an effort to compost kitchen scraps and grass clippings,
• Phase out high maintenance plants and replace with drought tolerant varieties in our yard,
• Do most of my ironing in a single session to avoid heating up the iron,
• Drink filtered water instead of plastic bottled water.
These are all great ideas, Pam. Sounds like you are going to be very busy, John.
Laura Troutman: My resolutions are to ... convert all of the light bulbs in my home to compact fluorescent, turn off the faucet while brushing my teeth, try to use less Styrofoam at home and work (cups and bowls), teach my daughter to be more “green” by being a good example, volunteer for at least one KLCB event during the year.
Great ideas, Laura — especially the last one.
Here is a fun, re-use suggestion I recently learned about: Take bubble wrap from packages and gifts that were shipped and use it at your New Year’s Eve celebration for the kids. Just place a bunch of it on the floor and let the kids loose. It is a fun and safe way for kids to make a lot of noise to celebrate the New Year.
As you can see from the ideas shared, “going green” resolutions might actually be some of the resolutions you can really keep in 2008. Even the simple steps, like not running water while you are shaving or brushing your teeth, can make a long-term difference if we all do them. The bigger ideas, such as changing out appliances for newer more efficient models or switching to a tankless water heater, help the environment and your pocketbook, too, by reducing energy costs.
I hope you have gotten a couple of ideas that you want to add to your own New Year’s resolutions. Remember to start your New Year off right Jan. 5 by recycling your Christmas tree and any electronics at the annual Bring One for the Chipper! Information on sites and times is listed below.
Have a happy — and green — New Year!     
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