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Seeing an eagle over the marsh
Limerick Plantation
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Goodwill donations:  I dropped by the Goodwill store last week, several days after I had donated eight boxes of "stuff" and only saw one item on the shelf that I had donated. Hmmmmm.

Reception for Lois Smith:  Remember to be at the Woodland Lakes Clubhouse tomorrow from 2-4 p.m. for the reception for Lois Smith. Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish.

First Saturday: Tomorrow will be another big yard sale at PoJo's on Highway 17 next to Ida Mae and Joe's.

More discussion:  A time hasn't been set yet, but on March 13, our commissioner, Pat Bowen will be at the Lake George Community Center to discuss more requests for speed humps. It seems he is getting more and more phone calls requesting them in our neighborhood. Personally, I wish we had them every 50 feet. I live at an intersection in Lake George and see school buses, FedEx and UPS trucks, dump trucks, four wheelers, you name it, speed by my house every day, running the stop sign and rounding the corner at Lake and Limerick going right, in the outside lane. The speed limit in Lake George is 25 miles per hour. Hardly anyone drives that or less. Less is better of course. The speed humps need to be higher. The one as you leave of Lake George that is opposite the playground is so low you hardly feel it when you go over it. If you've ever been to the Kroger's in Hinesville, you will know that you have to crawl over their speed humps because of their height. Let's hope anyone that would oppose adding more to our community would never have anyone in their family hurt by a speeding vehicle.  

What an experience:  On Tuesday of this week, I launched my kayak at Rec 5 around 10:15 a.m. The weather was perfect for a paddle. I immediately spotted a huge blue heron and a juvenile night heron near Goose Island. After paddling for about 35 minutes I spotted something I've never seen in my 15 years here at the plantation. High above a house near the Thomases' was a bald eagle. I nearly fell out of my boat. What an awesome sight. I watched him for 12 minutes, then he took flight and flew over the dike and circled for another 10 minutes over Jerico River, which is on the other side of our dike. Then he headed toward Isle of Wight and I never saw him again that day. Of all days not to have my camera! I began paddling again, taking in all the wildlife. I saw three night herons, two great blue herons, one large white egret, one red winged blackbird, six cormorants, 42 turtles, two white geese feeding with four mallards at our swimming hole and two Canadian geese fighting. That was not a pretty picture. They fought for almost five minutes, then one gave up and they separated. I saw three bass jump in the air. One almost hit my boat. When you paddle close to the dike, you never know what you'll see. Something big rolled and splashed near me and scared me. I suspect it was a large grass carp. I discovered several places where purple flag (iris) are growing. The red maples on the dike are just gorgeous right now and one even had yellow Carolina Jessamine growing in it. The black willows are putting on new growth, as are the black cherry trees. We also have a patch of thalia in the lake. This is a wild orchid and is so beautiful when it blooms, but it is invasive. What a great day I had. I was glad to see that our dike is probably in the best shape it's been in for years. If only our fire department could do a controlled burn on the dead cattails along the dike, it really would look good. I plan on doing a litter pick up in the lake soon. I saw stuff you can only access by boat and with a reacher.  

Certificate handout a success:  Last week at the IGA in Midway, volunteers handed out 125 spay and neuter certificates. Thanks to all of you with animals that cared enough to attend and get your certificate.

Rattlesnake Roundup:  Take your family to Claxton on March 8-9 for the annual Rattlesnake Roundup. There will be over 200 arts and crafts booths, rides for the kids, music and lots of food. It is only $5 admission.  

Peaches to Beaches:  South Georgia's annual, 212-mile yard sale, is accepting applications for vendors. Booth spaces are available at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in downtown Brunswick from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on March 15. Cost is $25 per space. Application and fee are due by March 7. Call (912) 262-6665. This yard sale begins in Perry and ends in Brunswick. What a hoot!
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