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The story of Chloe
Treasures of Midway
NorsworthyChloe 3
The historic Midway Church can be seen in the background. - photo by Photo by Matt Norsworth
As Halloween gets closer and closer I thought that it would be good to hear another tale of suspense from right here in your own backyard ... or graveyard! MU-HA! HA! HA! HAAAAAAAAA!
This story comes from our very own Midway Cemetery and is sure to send a shiver straight through to your liver.
Near the middle of the cemetery one can find the graves of three wives, all of whom were married to one William Robarts. Yet all three of these poor women met unfortunate, early deaths.
Mr. Robarts had purchased a young mulatto girl from a ship at Sunbury. No one knew much about this young girl, or her past, other than her name was Chloe.
Chloe was placed as a servant in Robarts’ house, but upset Robarts’ wife so much that Chloe was sent to the rice fields to work. Mysteriously though, Robarts’ wife became suddenly ill and died soon thereafter.
Chloe was brought back to work in the house, yet this made Hannah, Robarts’ long-time house servant, worry.
Robarts’ married again after about a year. Robarts’ second wife soon became angered with Chloe’s misbehavior and argumentative nature with everyone she came in contact with. Hannah even felt Chloe was thinking too much of herself and her place in the household.
Robarts sent Chloe back to the fields again exclaiming, “Chloe, if you can’t behave in the fields, I will have no other choice but to sell you!”
This turned out to be the wrong decision and action to take where Chloe was concerned. The very next day, Robarts’ wife became suddenly ill and died within a few hours.
Years later, Robarts married a third time. She lived for a few years, but died mysteriously as well.
Hannah and the other slaves became suspicious and fearful of Chloe.  Some even claim that Chloe “totes poison.”
Mr. Robarts was a man of strength and determination, but couldn’t stand the loneliness. Yes, to everyone’s surprise, Robarts married for a fourth time.
On the night following his wedding night, he and his new wife had a party at their house. A toast was proposed and then Chloe served the wine.
The bride and groom decided at the last minute to exchange glasses and began to raise them to take their first sip. Chloe ran up to the front and knocked Robarts’ glass away and hysterically shouted, “That glass ain’t for you!”
Chloe then turned around frantically and yanked a black vial from her dress. She chugged down the liquid and ran out of the house yelling, “Chloe is gone ... gone ... gone!”
Chloe was never seen or heard from again, but you can go to the Midway Cemetery today and see the graves of the three unlucky wives of William Robarts ... if you dare!
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