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Wishing litterbugs some of their own in 2009
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Holy, moly. Where did 2008 go? Let’s hope everyone stays healthy, the economy recovers, gasoline continues to go down in price, our commissioners do their jobs and have their retreat in Hinesville this year instead of the King & Prince at St. Simons Island, junk disappears from our neighborhoods, taxes go down, criminals get their due, litterbugs find their litter on their lawns, parents do their jobs, and we have fewer hurricanes this coming year.

Kudos: Thank you, Mayor Emmons or whomever, for getting all the weeds and bushes cleared off Butler Avenue in Midway. Midway is really looking good with the new townhouses, the new development across from Pojo’s, properties being cleaned up … all good stuff. Now we just need a Cracker Barrel or Denny’s. There is certainly enough property available to accommodate these businesses. We have an exit off I-95 and we need to utilize it to bring tourists into Midway.

Ford recalls: Since I drive a Ford Ranger, the announcement that Ford has recalled 792,000 F-150’s, Expeditions, Navigators and 2001 Super crews for defective cruise control switches concerned me. I went online and saw where the Ford Motor Company recommends you have it disconnected to prevent under-the-hood fires. The strange part of this is that they won’t send you a recall letter until February. All of this can be verified on the Internet. If you want to check to see if your vehicle is on the recall list, call (866) 436-7332 and have your vehicle identification number ready to give. They said my Ranger was not one of the recalls. Be safe.

Property-tax appeal: The next dates for appealing your property taxes are Jan. 12-13. A resident of Lake George called me and said he called the assessor’s office to make an appointment to appeal his tax statement only to be told it was too late. When he told this person there is an ad each week in the newspaper listing the appeal dates, he was told the ad is a bunch of hooey. Then he called back, talked to another person at the tax assessor’s office and still got the run-around. He then called the general manager at the newspaper to ask about the ad and told them what the assessor’s office is telling him concerning the ad. Typical politics.

Get ready for an interruption: I flagged down a Comcast serviceman more than a month ago and showed him where a tree was laying on the cable line on Limerick Road. He said he’d take care of it. Well, it is now 2009 and not only is that tree still laying on the line, but now a second one is laying on it. What we have to pay for cable is already bad, but to know that they do not check their cable lines for such things is outrageous. One tree is lying on the line just before you get to Woodland Lakes. The second tree is lying on the line just before you get to the entrance of the Villages of Limerick. The county needs to check and see if these trees are on their property. I’ve already sent an e-mail to the road department director. Someone needs to take responsibility for removing them. Thank goodness Coastal Electric keeps their lines free of vines, trees and limbs.

Garden report: I’m worried about certain plants and trees that are blooming now and shouldn’t be. My quince, bottle brushes, lady banks roses, lavender lantana, loropetalum and tulip trees are all blooming. The only plant that should be blooming is my yellow mahonia. December certainly did not feel like winter and January has started off warm and mild, so I’m hoping that February is not going to kick our butts. If anyone out there wants kumquats, please call me and come get them. They are selling for $4.99 for a small basket in the grocery stores. I just don’t want them to over ripen and fall on the ground. They are so good. I’ll be growing seedlings in the spring to take to Pojo’s.

Speaking of Pojo’s: It was so foggy at 7 a.m. last Saturday that I wondered what in the world I was doing. I set up my four tables, containing the last of what I’ve tried to sell all year long. You people have been good to come and buy our bargains. It got up to 68 degrees and the weather was perfect, but unfortunately, only three of us set up our tables to sell. What I have left will be donated to Goodwill. I do have clothes that I want to bring in March to sell and I will have lots of plants and seeds for sale. I had a lot of people ask about plants, but in January plants are dormant and aren’t very pretty. By March, they should be beautiful. I may just bring plants and clothes only. I also have a lot of seashells, fossils, old bottles, etc., that I will probably bring in April. If you have too much stuff you don’t need, bring it to Pojo’s on the first Saturday of each month and set up for only $10 per spot. You see friends, neighbors and meet the most interesting people. What a bargain for only $10. Al and Polly always help me put my tables and put stuff back in my truck, and they help others as well.
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