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Chairman's business is public
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Editor, As much as I have tried not to, I cannot help but write in concerning an article appearing in Sunday’s Courier, “Chemtall purchases chairman’s property.”
A few items stand out to me in this article. To start with, this is the county commission chairman selling property to a business in the county. Excuse me, Mr. McIver, but that is everyone’s business, and not “not anyone’s business,” as you cared to put it. Will you now be a biased or unbiased party when Chemtall comes before the board with a request?
The next item I have concern with is how was your property appraised at $56,000 in this county, when I have seen outhouses appraised for more than that? With that dollar amount in mind, how in the world did you convince them to pay you $400,000 for that same property? Again, will you be able to sit in your current capacity fairly, if they come before the board, knowing how they padded your pockets?
It is this type of blatant disregard for appearances, along with outlandish prices given for property (with the future in mind) that has driven so many long-time residents out of the county and left such a bad taste for the rest of us, with regard to our county leaders.
Let us just say, with these questions, I have made it “my business.” It is now up to Mr. McIver — the Liberty County Commission chairman — to inform the public of the particulars of this deal and please, correct me if I am wrong, but this looks and smells (pun intended) wrong!

Roger A. Wells
Liberty County Citizen
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