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Citizens deserve the power to choose
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Editor, How sad it was to read in the Courier Feb. 7 the two stories: “$4.5 million judgment” regarding the Hinesville woman’s suffering and the young “soldier killed” from the 3rd ID in Iraq.
Two young people whose destinies were forever altered by two ongoing tragedies, one occurring here at Liberty Regional Medical Center and the other in Iraq.
The two stories could have been coupled together under the title “Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness.” Both stories having the common denominator of negligence thrust upon them by the respective powers that be while the end is not in sight.
 Regarding the young woman, Antoinette Hastings, who was awarded the record $4.5 million medical malpractice suit, may or may not have had a choice regarding the attempts made by the physician to “attempt to place breathing tubes four times into her chest ...”
If she could have made a choice in procedures performed or at the very least the doctor chosen to perform them, would things have turned out different? I do not know. Did the doctor performing the attempts to place breathing tubes in her chest know her history? Was he in private practice before joining the Schumacher Group and if he was, why did he leave?
It is common knowledge LRMC has had a convicted felon working previously in the emergency room, having had his license revoked four times. I pointed this out previously to various members of the county commission a while back.
At some point, one has to ask the obvious: Who is hiring these doctors and why are adequate background checks not being performed? When will the mistakes and sadness end? Which brings me to the point: choices.
We all make them and should have them available to us. Right now many in the area do not have that choice when it comes to care at LRMC and whom our care provider will be. I do know this: if I am in critical condition, I want the right to choose my physician, one who is familiar with me and knows my medical history and in whom I have the utmost confidence — Dr. Glenn Carter.
To my knowledge Dr. Carter has never been convicted of a felony, never had his license revoked, and never even gotten a traffic ticket. But yet, the powers that be in this county will not allow him to practice at LRMC. And the icing on this sour cake is that not one single official will tell us why this is so. They have stone-walled it from the beginning.
My heart goes out to Ms. Hastings and her family as well as to Pvt. Zeimer and his family. I only hope that one day Dr. Carter’s patients will be able to make a life choice regarding their treatment because right now, that possibility does not exist.
Jimmy Darsey
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