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Congress needs to get priorities straight
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Editor, The current edition of the Army Times, a weekly newspaper for active-duty military and veterans, includes an article regarding Tricare healthcare costs. Tricare is a branch of Humana Healthcare that is contracted by the Department of Defense to provide healthcare services for active-duty military, retirees and others.
The article says the Pentagon has announced plans to increase healthcare enrollment costs for all active duty soldiers, retirees, National Guard, reserves and others.
This is unacceptable, outrageous and a slap in the face to every serviceman, woman, retiree and veteran. Veterans and military retirees have paid their dues. The Tricare invoice should be clearly stamped, “Paid in full.”
Congress is spending our tax dollars like a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave, and as if there is no tomorrow. Our tax dollars are literally thrown at everything conceivable, imaginable and sometimes unimaginable. Some of these spending programs are legitimate, but a vast majority of them, such as “unentitled” entitlements, pork projects and other wasteful spending earmarks, absorb billions of our tax dollars.
Every year, billions upon billions of dollars is spent by Congress. The war on terror receives a huge amount. Contractors supplying products and services to our military are the beneficiaries. NASA space programs absorb billions. The “endowments for the arts” sucks up trainloads of money.
Foreign aid demands billions. Education aid programs for our children and foreign students (some with terrorist connections) require heaping barges of money. We have condom programs for our children and third world countries. There’s Aids research for the world and membership in the dysfunctional United Nations. Then, there’s new Social Security programs that promote and enable participants to remain dependent on welfare. This requires tractor-trailers full of money to fund these programs.
We have programs that provide spending money for girls having babies, single women with babies and food for babies. There’s money for the career unemployed, money for single females wanting to start a savings account with $2,000 of their own money AND have it matched two for one by HUD.
You have this program and that program, and so on and so forth. It’s just simply amazing. Oh, but what about funding for veterans healthcare? Why America just can’t afford that. What a bunch of bull!
Not one of these programs or participants has ever won freedom and liberty for the American people. It has always been our soldiers who have done so by fighting, sacrificing and winning wars. It’s our soldiers who have faced America’s enemies, and have been wounded or given their lives to achieve victory. It’s been this way ever since the Revolutionary War.
Pardon me if I shout, “Excuse the hell out of me” when someone says there isn’t any funding available for military retiree and veterans’ healthcare. Congress and the Pentagon must think I, and every patriotic American, is stupid and just fell off the tomato truck. What nonsense! I’m far from being brilliant, but I know when I’m being jerked around. Someone’s lying or doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Congress needs to get their priorities straight.
Please contact your congressman and senator on behalf of our nation’s military retirees and veterans.

John Howard
1SG, U.S. Army (Retired)
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