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DOT following rules on road needs around store
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Editor, Regarding the June 3 letter to the editor by Joe Raymer asking for an investigation of the Georgia Department of Transportation’s handling of his request for a driveway permit on State Route 57 in Long County, the DOT welcomes any such inquiry.
For more than a year, the Department has continually worked with Mr. Raymer to accommodate his proposed commercial development. His permit has been available to him since April 4.
We have explained repeatedly to Mr. Raymer that our only requirement has been, is and will continue to be, that he provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles to and from his property. The standards we are insisting he follow are not some arbitrary, bureaucratic exercise; they are mandated by state law; in accordance with national guidelines for safe, functional ingress and egress; and are applied in similar circumstances throughout the state.
Georgia DOT has made every good-faith effort to facilitate this proposed development. But we will not sacrifice public safety for private gain.

Gerald Ross, Commissioner  
Georgia DOT
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