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Economic pessimists ignore our creativity
Letters to the Editor
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I have a friend who is convinced America is doomed to become a poverty stricken nation with no hope of economic recovery. I have tried to quell my friend’s bleak outlook by reminding him that America has been a pioneering, industrious nation that has found innovative ways of not only maintaining the status quo, but has set the standard in many world sciences including (economics), despite the country’s young age.
Unfortunately my encouragement has fallen on deaf ears. After realizing just how despondent and unreachable my friend was, I began to notice an alarming trend. The trend I noticed was that many Americans were feeling the same as my friend.
I truly hope that this is not a trend at all because it is important to have a good spirit and, even more importantly, there is reason to have a good spirit. As parents we need to develop and nurture a good, can-do attitude in our children and not a gloom and doom one that seems to be gaining momentum.
As cliche as it sounds, it is true our children are our future and we must arm them with; a just moral compass, the best education and hope for a brighter world than the one we now inhabit. This hope seems to be diminishing but it shouldn’t.
For inspiration (and in my closing) I will leave you with the highlights from a story I just recently read. In 1890 a brilliant scientist tried but was unsuccessful at creating a wireless electricity system. Just recently a scientist named Marin Soljacic has developed a way of making this happen. I will not bore you with the specifics, but I want you to know that a company named Fulton Innovation based out of Michigan will unveil a wireless charging system you simply set your wireless device on a mouse pad like material and the mouse pad charges your cell phone, PDA, laptop ___ (fill in the blank). No more wires, no more broken plug in adapters just drop it on the night table before bed. Another company named WiPower in Altamonte Springs, Fla., has also created an induction system. These are American companies creating and marketing innovative tools, despite the dark times.
Now is not the time to lose hope. It is the time to embrace change and move forward. A new company in Atlanta is one of a few companies manufacturing solar cells. The design for the solar cells is the most efficient design in the world and solar power is the cleanest energy in the world. Americans will very shortly live in a time where the power that is produced and delivered throughout the nation will be done in different and better ways and America is leading the charge to do this. If the last statement alone isn’t enough reason for hope than I am not sure what is.

John Corrigan
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