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Fight neighborhood blight with ordinances
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Editor, During the past several months in the Sound off section of the Courier, numerous references have been made to blight in city neighborhoods. If you are like me, a land/homeowner, their is action you can take.
Utilize the city of Hinesville’s ordinances (they’re on the city Web site) to your advantage. I reside on Sharon Street, which is approximately 75 percent renter occupied and investor, absentee-landlord owned. I have to put up with some of the worst blight; cars parked in yards, unmowed, trashy yards. Almost all of this occurs on rental property. If Sharon Street looks bad, you should see Lesa/Elaine Street, all of which border upon Irene B. Thomas Park.
I fight this (and sometimes win) by utilizing the Hinesville city ordinances. I was on the committee on the cars-in-yard ordinance. You need to go to the city code enforcement office, fill out the proper paperwork, continue to monitor the situation and consult with your elected officials. I also suggest you register to vote and utilize your vote.
Your home/neighborhood is the biggest investment you will make. you might have to take action against the offending “party(ies).” So what if they don’t invite you (or me) to their house for Christmas dinner. I don’t care.

Joseph B. Stuart
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