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Hospital mistreating Carter, his patients
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Editor, Ah, so many topics to discuss, like Bucky Keel’s letter on the wasteful spending that goes unchecked around here, or my plan to walk down Main Street in my underwear, to show how ridiculous it is to allow teenagers (and some adults) to show their behinds and not arrest them, or how half of our residents choose not to work and just let the government take care of them. But I guess that is for another time. For now, let me address Jimmy Darsey’s letter to the editor concerning Dr. Carter.
In this age of bi-partisanship (hold your laughter) let me join my brother-in-advocacy by agreeing with him on this outrageous injustice being perpetrated on the citizens of Liberty County and against Dr. Carter and his many, many patients. I know Dr. Carter to be an honorable and decent man, as well as a fine physician. To relegate him, and his patients, to using another facility is a blatant abuse of the authority given to the administration of our hospital, one which they have repeatedly refused to provide an answer for. I, personally, was on one of the grand juries that tried to get answers for this injustice and the hospital hid behind the HIPAA laws, claiming it was a personnel matter.
All of this has occurred during the hospital’s continuing spiral of monetary loss, for which the citizens of this county — that is you and I — have had to continue to foot the bill. Does it make sense to anyone that we should be denying this proven doctor the right to practice in our facility at a time when we need every revenue dollar we can muster? His patients are being forced to use Savannah or Jesup area hospitals. Who exactly are these “gods of power” who can arbitrarily choose who can use our facility and who have to answer to no one, including county commissioners?
If you wonder about these questions, join the many of us who have been asking them for years — with no answer yet. And please continue to pay your taxes. These and other abuses are not possible without your participation.

Roger A. Wells
Liberty County
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