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Hospital panel member questioned
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Editor, I see in the Courier that our county commission chairman has proudly introduced his "Blue Ribbon Panel" to look into among other things; why LRMC has managed to lose 30 to 40 million of your tax dollars over the last 8 to 9 years.
While I am satisfied that most of those people named can maybe get to the bottom of things at the root of the ongoing tragedy at LRMC I give pause to one of the individuals selected to participate on this esteemed panel.
The individual I am concerned with is named Russ Toal. What I need to know from Chairman McIver is the following?
1. Is this the same Russ Toal who has already received $500,000 in taxpayer money to establish some nebulous clinic that I am sure exists somewhere but for the life of me I am not sure where?  And while speaking of this half a million dollar clinic, who has oversight of it?  The county commissioners or our wonderful hospital authority that the blue ribbon committee will no doubt be bumping heads with?
2. Is this the same Russ Toal that has links and an established relationship with the CEO of LRMC?
And finally and most importantly 3. Is this the Russ Toal that does not even live in Liberty County but lives in McIntosh County and is therefore not a resident of Liberty?  Could not the commissioner find six qualified people from Liberty County to participate in his already seemingly tainted "fact finding" group without going to another county to find someone? You mean to tell me that he could find only five individuals in Liberty County to meet his standards? He had a reason for picking Mr. Toal.
Friends, they are rubbing our noses in it.  If you think for a minute that this handpicked committee is going to give you soundly thought through and reliable answers to the train wreck known as LRMC then I have some nice property down at the coast near the new marina that I would like to sell to you.
Bottom line folks, Liberty County is suffering from a vacuum of leadership.  We are swamped with individuals with ties to big money and their own personal agendas.  This latest attempt at window dressing with this blue ribbon panel is only the latest example of their smoke and mirror act to pacify "we, the people."
But hang on, because I am sure that there will be more of this ongoing sideshow called "leadership" to follow. Stay tuned.  This should all be on reality television, don't ya think?

Jimmy Darsey
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