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How I remember Lyn Howard
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Editor, A few weeks ago, the friends and family of Lyn Howard lost a treasure.
Lyn was my secretary for eight years, from 1985 through 1993. She drove 35 miles, one way, each day to work. A faithful friend and employee, she and I loved one another unconditionally; a marriage without romance.
During our day-to-day contact with one another and afterward, until the time of her passing, I never had a cross word with Lyn, nor she with me; the only person in my life for which I may state such.
All of her family and friends are missing a bit of our hearts right now, because the heart is where Lyn wound up with us.
In my time with her, we shared nearly every emotion available in life. Joy, lots of humor, worry, sadness but above all love.
Lyn came to my home with my mother, who adored her, to tell me my father had passed. She was there for me when my youngest brother died and, in spite of my circumstances, she shared my burden and took part of the load I couldn't carry alone.
I was able to give her Georgia- Florida tickets now and then; and gladly, because I knew she would have more fun than I, because to her it was an event; for me, life and death. Lyn knew what was important in life and lived it well.
I won’t know what changed with her, for her troubles remained hers alone. One of her faults, and for me there were few, was the ability to seek help; a defect born of humbleness and not of conceit.
While we grieve her leaving, we won't forget. Memory is the only garden from which we cannot be driven.

I love you, bud.

Gary Branan
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