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Kinsgton should eradicate daylight savings time
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Editor, This is a letter to U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-District 1.
Do you actually read your e-mail? I hope others write to their congressmen about this issue.
Over the years, discussions between friends and acquaintances regarding daylight saving time have shown me that most people do not want it. Do politicians know that?
Why not just stop daylight saving time nationwide and let businesses change their hours as needed? People have to report to work as directed anyway.
Then every person does not have to follow the same schedule and adjust their circadian rhythm twice a year. It’s really stressful and hard on everyone to change sleep habits twice a year.  I know it has always been hard for me. Even my grandparents used to complain.
Let people be in charge of their individual schedules and businesses be in charge of theirs (customers will come). Getting rid of DST seems like the simplest and least stressful or intrusive way to go to take a lot of stress off of everyone — at least it is a beginning.

— Connie Souligny
Liberty County
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