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Liberty must stop animal neglect, abuse
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Editor, I have lived in Hinesville for 16 years and have worked in Savannah for 11. Over the years, it became painfully clear there are tremendous differences between these two cities in regards to animal welfare.
Rightfully so, it is outlawed to chain a dog in Chatham County but there are hundreds of dogs still chained in Liberty County. This obviously doesn’t bother the owners or the people who could make a difference in the laws of our county.  
Everyone knows the saying, “man’s best friend.” Why would anyone chain their best friend? Over the years, I have seen countless dogs that have been tied up in their owners’ yards, fed and given water whenever it seemed convenient. I have also seen pets attacked by other dogs roaming the neighborhoods.
We all know there are breeds out there raised to attack. I know of an instance where two male pit bulls attacked a female dog that was in heat while she was chained in her unfenced yard. The female was small and the pit bulls almost killed her because they were so much bigger. That little dog is still out there on a chain and, since the owner refuses to spend the money to spay her, she will be in heat again soon and have another litter of unwanted puppies.
On another note, I also know people who refuse to walk their dogs without a stick in hand because there are pit bulls roaming their neighborhoods and they are afraid of their pets being attacked. Not only do we have to worry about our pets, we also have to worry about our children who are out there playing.
This is something that does not only happen in the low-income neighborhoods of Hinesville and Liberty County. I live in a nice subdivision and have seen plenty of strays, including a hostile Staffordshire terrier roaming our neighborhood while children were waiting for the school bus.  
Whenever Animal Control is called, it seems nothing is done — at least not the first several times they are called.
At one of our neighborhood watch meetings, an Animal Control officer said they are understaffed, overworked and can’t possibly take care of all the cases. Hire more staff! Don’t we pay enough taxes to pay for such services? Something needs to happen and it needs to happen now.
Chaining animals should be outlawed in Liberty County. Dogs that stay outside should be required to be kept in a fenced yard or kennel, and have shelter.
People who own hostile breeds should be required to keep them in an area that would not allow them to escape and roam. Most of all, much stricter laws regarding animal neglect and abuse should be enforced in Liberty County.  
I know there are many ignorant people out there who don’t view animals, such as dogs and cats, as beings who feel pain and sorrow much like humans do. But there are just as many people who know better; people who love their pets and treat them as a part of their family.
If you agree with my findings and the fact that changes need to occur, please speak up. Voice your opinion. It is the only way we might bring change to Liberty County.       

Petra Brooks
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