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Make landlords responsible for maintenance
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Editor, In a recent letter (Outraged, misplaced priorities), I mentioned the trashy Hinesville and Liberty County residential neighborhoods. I feel I have a possible solution to part of the problem.
Much of the rental property in Hinesville/Liberty County is occupied, rented to our local military. Our military is increasingly burdened with deployments and training. And on top of that many are also burdened with lawn care as some property managers/landlords make that the renters responsibility, though they will take responsibility to collect the rent check.
A strong task force comprised of real estate professionals, military affairs committee, Fort Stewart command and local government could require all property rented to active military must be both inside- and outside-maintained by the property manager/landlord/realtor, etc. That would include lawn care.
This task force can review a minimum of three properties in one neighborhood per month, working with neighborhood homeowners to enforce this requirement. Failure to maintain this requirement on a violated property is simple, a fee is assessed to clean up the property and a 10 percent penalty from that month’s rent. The penalty could go to Fort Stewart’s Moral Welfare and Recreation fund.
By having this concentrated effort, task force and requirement this will help fight blight in Liberty County and show our support for our military neighbors.

Joseph B. Stuart
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