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Manna House has rules to follow too
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Editor, There have been several calls to Sound off calls recently concerning Manna House and its operation. Manna House is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Georgia as a registered charity. Our mission is to provide emergency food assistance to needy residents of Liberty County.
Much of our food is supplied through the United Stated Department of Agriculture and Georgia State Nutrition Action Plans. These agencies limits how much food we issue to each individual based on family size and income. The USDA also sets guidelines on how much and how often we can serve a client. These are not arbitrary restrictions that we impose. They are USDA and SNAP guidelines. We are subject to periodic inspection to insure our compliance.
To the caller who complained that we would not give more food: We are sorry, but we must obey the guidelines or risk losing the ability to serve the entire community. However, because of generous donations from our local grocery stores, we offer perishable food (breads, deli items, fresh fruits and vegetable) six days a week. These items are offered Monday through Saturday from 10  a.m.-noon.
Another caller wanted to know why we can’t distribute  the school system’s leftover food. This is not possible for several reasons. Prepared food, both hot and cold, must be held at certain temperatures to prevent food-borne illness.
We do not have a refrigerated vehicle to transport the food, making it difficult to maintain safety during holding and transport. No organization wants to be responsible for an outbreak of salmonella or E. coli. For this reason, Manna House cannot accept prepared foods for consumption by others.
If you feel like you have been mistreated or have other concerns, please call our executive director, the Rev. Katrina Deason, at 492-0771.
Like every other nonprofit, we are under financial strain. We depend on the generous support of the community, for which we are prayerfully thankful. If you are looking for a local cause to support, we encourage you to consider Manna House.
— Charles R. Rogers,
president, Manna House Board of Directors

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