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Show us the money
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Editor, There’s a whole bunch of controversy going on in Hinesville with the budget, taxes, talk of raising taxes, expressed outrage by the council members, expressed outrage at the council members, and a whole bunch of good ole democracy happening. Citizens can go on the city of Hinesville website and look at the old and the new proposed budgets and see exactly where their hard earned dollars are going.
Sure glad I don’t have a dog in this fight since I moved to the east end.
I would like to see the county budgets though. I searched high and low, left and right and can’t seem to find anything on the Liberty County website pertaining to the budget. Why is that, county commissioners? Is there something you don’t want the county residents to know about how OUR money is being spent? Are those numbers only to be viewed by certain folks? Since the age of the internet is here and transparency is so easy to achieve, why are residents of the county being kept in the dark?
County residents, call your friends and neighbors and ask them to, call Chairman McIver, call your commissioner, call Mr. Brown, the county administrator, call Ms. McGlothin, the county finance officer, and ask them to post the budgets on the county website.
Show us the money.

Bruce A. McCartney
Trade Hill Community
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