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There are still Good Samaritans among us
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Editor, In our current world of bad news and seemingly bad people, I have some good news: There are still Good Samaritans out there.  I met one Friday when I was stranded on the side of the road on Highway 119 in Fort Stewart. Here’s my story:
I was on my way home to Statesboro from a long day at work in Hinesville. Cruising along and glad the day was over, my car suddenly jerked to the right. I pulled over as soon as it was safe to do so, only to discover a shredded front tire. Shaking my head with a grin that said, “What else can go wrong today?” I got out my cell phone only to discover that it would need recharging at any moment.  
About that time, a gray Nissan truck heading south pulled over across the road from me and the soldier driving it asked if I needed some help. He assessed the problem and discovered my car indeed did not come with a spare.
Skipping ahead well over an hour, I was able to get home to Statesboro and get my car towed there as well. The nice soldier stayed with me the entire time, until he was sure that I was safely on my way home. He never gave me his whole name, so I only know him as Kenny.
Here’s what I know: Kenny is new to his unit, arriving here from Fort Sill in January. His wife and three kids are still in Oklahoma while his wife finishes college this semester. She’ll have a degree in criminal justice. His kids can be a handful, but I could tell that he’s crazy about them and about his wife. He takes his role as a parent seriously. His family will join him here in the summer. He gets his truck serviced in Statesboro and has a 26-foot trailer in which he’s living until his family arrives and they find a house.
You can see from all I learned about Kenny that he stayed with me on the side of the cold road for quite some time. Not only is he a Good Samaritan, he’s a really nice guy. Without his last name, I can only hope that someone in his unit or perhaps his CO will recognize the correct Kenny as the Good Samaritan and make sure he sees this letter. He’d only accept a word of thanks but that seemed inadequate. I’m sure karma will be kind to Kenny and his family.
Kenny, where ever you are, thank you!  

Angie Russell
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