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What is going on in Liberty County?
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Editor, I never thought I would be one to write a letter to the local paper but due to the property tax issue in Liberty County, someone needs to address the problem.
I am positive I am not the only one who can’t understand why the Liberty County Tax Commissioner’s Office waits until nearly the last minute to come up with a millage rate so the property taxes can go out to the consumers as well as the mortgage companies in a timely manner.
Most people who own a home, rental properties or rental businesses use the property tax as an end-of-the-year write off. But with the negligence of the tax office, some of us are missing out on the deduction because the taxes are getting to the companies too late.
I receive five property tax bills from Liberty County and two of them won’t be paid by my mortgage company by Dec. 31 because, as of today, Dec. 26, they never received a 2007 tax bill.
Something needs to be done because this is ridiculous. If the people who are handling our taxes are not competent to get the property taxes outin 365 days, then maybe we need to evaluate their procedures to find out why they are slacking. I receive a tax bill from another state in plenty of time to pay it. What is going on in Liberty County?

Sebrena M. Butler
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