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Why this election matters
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Editor, Republicans face a very important decision in the upcoming Republican Presidential Primary.
All the major candidates share similar views on many important issues. However, there is a difference that makes it clear to me that John McCain is the best candidate for president.
Radical Islamic extremism still threatens our families. We may have been lulled into a sense of safety because the terrorists have not been able to strike us again. In caves and lairs around the world they continue to plot
to kill our families again. This is not a war in just Iraq and Afghanistan, nor is it a short conflict. This struggle will continue until one side wins an ultimate victory.
No one is better qualified to serve as our Commander-in-Chief during a time of war than John McCain. His character and patriotism were proven long ago in the torturous prisons of Vietnam. He has earned the respect our military gives our Commander-in-Chief, and he will chart a course of victory not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but in our global war on terror.
Additionally, we are in challenging economic times. What makes it worse is the incredibly irresponsible spending by our federal government. Few have
had the courage to take on the wasteful pork barrel spending by both parties. John McCain has. We need a leader who will stop the partisan gamesmanship, stop the backroom deals with our tax money, and clean up our financial house.  Our economy will be strong again when the people in our country and around the world have confidence once again that our federal government is managed effectively and efficiently.
We need a leader who has a vision for America and the courage to lead us through adversity to make that vision a reality.
John McCain is a proven leader. What sets John McCain apart is that others talk about conservative values and serving our country. John McCain has
done it. He is a genuine American hero and patriot.
John McCain is a true conservative who speaks the truth even when some don't want to hear it. He is a leader whose judgment and character have been
proven and defined by sacrifice for our country and service to her people.
That's what we need in a President, and why I proudly support him in the upcoming elections. I hope every Georgian will consider supporting him.

Georgia State Senator Jeff Mullis
District 53, Chickamauga
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