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Youth deserve more activities than offered here
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Editor, As a resident of Liberty County for nearly 10 years, I am concerned about the welfare of the children in our area. I currently have four children of my own and am wondering if there are simply not enough activities geared toward recreation in Hinesville.
Are children even aware that joining the neighborhood gang is not a viable source for recreation?
Furthermore, are parents aware that their children are considering gangs as an activity for fun and recreation? Are parents even aware of where their children are when they leave home? When I think of the variety of recreations afforded to the local youth, I can only conclude that variety does not exist in Hinesville.
Yes, there is the YMCA, but you will need a membership to actively participate and there are people who are unable to afford the monthly rate. Then there is the youth recreation department. Depending on the child, and the season, activities would not include a child who is not interested in playing football, basketball, soccer, etc. Not to mention the age requirements.
For a family to even have a night out bowling, they must be military affiliated or go through the rigorous process of obtaining a military pass as the only bowling alley within a 30 miles radius is located on post. For family excitement taking in the scenery, a nice ride to Savannah, wading through the traffic, and preparing for a fun and exciting wait in line just to get inside Star Castle awaits those who dare. Driving even further would put one in a go-cart ride at the Five-Star-Family Fun in Pooler.
This just proves that family fun is costly and requires extensions rather than go up the street to the neighborhood mall where there is actually an arcade inside. Dare I mention Doodles? I have only been there once in my entire time in Hinesville. There was nothing exciting there to make me go back.
With the different restaurants and motels surfacing, I am beginning to wonder how much revenue is circulating throughout Liberty County that could be granted to build an institution for youth that would be recreational and productive. Perhaps we must wait until someone has a concern for children using Wal-Mart as the local after-hour hang and offer other alternatives other than loitering charges or curfew violations.
As for me, since Highway 84's McDonald's now has an indoor playhouse, my children will enjoy a nice crowded time there. Wednesday is Family Day at McDonald's and it seems every family with small children in Hinesville is well aware of it, hence the crowd. What shall become of the rest of the six calendar days?

Domestically inclined,
Modiestine Thomas

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