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Summer is rearing its pretty little head
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Despite a few days of slightly lower temperatures, there is little doubt that the extreme heat of summer is just around the corner. Being from Florida I don’t mind the intense heat and humidity that make up the ‘Dog Days.’ I can tolerate the heat much better than I can handle the cold that always seems to creep into my toes and fingers during the winter.

As a sports writer for the Coastal Courier, summer time means no high school sports. Sure there are still plenty of local sports to cover but last year I made a decision to try something completely different, a non-traditional sport, so to speak, and ended up covering the Savannah Derby Devil boot camp for the newspaper.

It was a great opportunity to introduce a local team doing a local sport that was quickly flourishing across the nation.

As most of you know that little adventure turned into a new athletic career for me. My first official bout was on April 2 and although we lost, I’m looking forward to the next bout and I’m completely devoted to the sport.

With summer quickly approaching I’m pondering what other non-traditional athletic activity readers would enjoy learning about?

Some of my ‘so called friends’ know of my intense fear of flying and have suggested I should face my fears by doing a tandem sky dive or hang-gliding. I wonder if they truly want me to face my fear or if they’re just merely waiting for me to post the video of me screaming like a banshee for their amusement. I bet it’s more the latter.

Others have suggested I should go on a kayaking excursion highlighting local spots in the pristine coastal waters off Georgia’s coast.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf…not just normal surfing mind you...nay that would be too easy. I want to learn how to kite surf and glide across the ocean top while taking intermittent leaps into the air catching some wind and soar across the beach front…..BUT….only if I could wear a full body suit. This body ain’t ready for normal beach wear…not quite yet.

I’m sure there are a bunch of activities I haven’t even thought of and I’m hoping you guys will give me some input before I make my final decision as to what adventure this summer will bring. Heck I might even try more than one thing…if I survive.

Send me your suggestions:

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