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Atlanta's Dragon Con draws more in
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An attendee at Dragon Con, which was held Aug. 29-Sept. 1 in Atlanta, dresses as a version of Batman as part of the festivities. - photo by Photo by Lewis Levine

ATLANTA — Once again, over the Labor Day weekend, thousands converged on Atlanta to take part in Dragon Con, the nation’s largest multi-genre event.
The annual convention, which completed its 27th year, kicked off with a parade that, according to Dragon Con Media Relations Director Dan Carroll, over 3,200 volunteers dressed in costume and marched through the streets to the delight of children and adults, many who stopped their favorite character to take a selfie or just give them a high-five.
The streets were teeming with superheroes such as Superman and Batman and dozens of Spider-Men.
Carroll said the free parade drew between 75,000 to 80,000 fans, while the convention had 62,000 visitors go through its doors at the Hyatt Regency.
“This is a 10-to-14 percent increase from previous years,” Carroll said.
The convention had something for everyone from music, entertainment and gaming products. Die-hard movie and television fans got to meet their favorite stars from shows like “True Blood” to the original cast members of “Star Trek.”
Megan O’Conner, an anthropology student at Louisiana State University, attended the convention dressed as Poison Ivy, an arch-enemy of Batman. She said it has taken her over 75 hours to get the costume right and four hours to put on the costume and makeup.  
“I’m a big fan of Poison Ivy. This is my fifth rendition of her,” she said.
When asked if it is worth it, she replied with a smile, “It sure is. I get to take part in the pageant held here, and the recognition I get for my efforts make it worthwhile. Plus, I can relate to Poison Ivy — she has a strict moral code.”  

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