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A song for her ministry
In the pulpit
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Camia Brown
Some people love to sing — in the shower, during the course of the day.
Camia Brown of Hinesville is one of those people. In fact, singing is a family tradition.
“There are singers on both sides of the family.  If it had not been for my mother, father and grandmother, I would not be where I am or who I am today.  They gave me wisdom at an early age,” she said.
But Brown has taken her passion for music a step further by recording her first CD.
Entitled “Heaven Knows,” it features songs such as, “For the Bible Says that We Must Have Love,” “God Never Changes, He Remains the Same” and “Since God Found Me, Lord Knows I Haven’t Been the Same.”
The music was composed by James Cannon of Hinesville and the CD cover was designed by Rick Faircloth of Prism Productions.
Brown wrote all of the songs.
“Cannon pushed me. He is one of my health-care patients, and I started singing to him while working. He inspired me to continue singing and to make the CD,” Brown said.   
“I love encouraging and comforting people through word of mouth, actions, music and writing letters to others. I want people to feel good about themselves. God is the key to help you out of any situation that you may be in. He is love, and He loves you,” Brown said.
One of her goals is to become a nurse or a counselor and help people who are battling with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, drug, sex or alcohol addictions.
“Many times, I sing to get through my hard times, through my trails and tribulations. I sing to the glory of God,” she said, noting she is available to sing in churches whenever needed.
She is a personal care provider with Home Care Master in Hinesville. She has been working in health care since 1991, and with Home Care Master for two years.
“I sing to my patients, especially if they are going through a bad time.  Sometimes I call someone on the telephone and sing to them.”  
In addition to writing and singing songs, Brown loves to write poetry.
“When I write something, I want it to make a difference in someone’s life,” she said.
Brown would like to get a contract so she could expand her ministry of song.
“I would like to be able to help, not only myself and my family members, but local and worldwide ministries and others (as well) to help better their lives,” she said.
“I am basically shy, but when I am singing, I am not shy.  Singing gives me a sense of joy and peace,” she said.
Brown is anxiously awaiting her next recording.
A native of Williston, Fla., she moved to Liberty County in 2000.
“My sister, Candace Burnette, was already living here, and I decided to join her,” Brown said.  
For more information about her CD or to buy one, you can call Brown at 570-0291 or 320-2960.
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